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Certain uncertainty

“He who trusts my strength, will see my miracles!”

By these lines of a song, God showed us once again how he responds to our trust: if we give up control, he will intervene in a miraculous way. The longer our journey with God, the less frightening our uncertain life is. We worry less and are curious how God directs the next steps and provides everything we need.

Our time at home was extended by Covid 19. We tried to make the most of our time in Austria. Nina worked at the department for pediatric oncology at the University Clinic in Linz and was able to gain valuable experience. Christoph managed to cover all of our kids physical needs in addition to homeschooling, household and travel ministry.

Finally our waiting period is over. We expected that we would have to stay longer in Austria, but as we have often experienced before, a single conversation can change everything. A few weeks ago we heard from “Help that arrives – our Austrian Organization” that they would send us again. With this, at least one of our obstacles was gone. The problem, however, is that it’s currently not allowed to travel from the Schengen area to the US. After a lot of research and conversations with authorities, we found the opportunity to travel to the USA via Croatia. This route is much more complicated and longer than a normal transatlantic flight and involves certain risks, for example the entry requirements could change during our stay in Croatia. Nevertheless, we decided to pack our bags again and take this chance. Nina quit her job, we stored our belongings and now are already in our 14-day quarantine to fly on September 16th from Zagreb via Istanbul to New York.

The last time in Austria has been very intense: in addition to working and packing, Aaron broke his arm 12 hours before our planned departure. Now he is  smiling again.

Like last time, we didn’t know from the beginning, whether we would have a vehicle or what kind of accommodation. But we can say with gratitude that we are WONDERfully taken care of. Just at the right time, the C&MA Church informed us that they can provide us with a van, which we are allowed to borrow. In addition, a Church known by MAG is providing a fully furnished apartment for our time in the USA. Thank God!!!

In the next few weeks, pilot standardization (flight training in the aircraft used in Honduras) and team building will take place at MAG, in which our family will take part. After that the Honduras program will start.

Our work is financed through donations. We are currently at around 40% of our monthly required funds, which we are very thankful for. We would be happy if you want to be part of our support team.

We are excited to see what the future brings and will keep you updated.

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  1. Praise God for His mercy and grace, bringing you back to states.
    Glad to here all is going as planned for your return.
    Looking forward to seeing you all again.
    Mt Zion Baptist Church is happy to welcome you all.

  2. Hallo ihr Lieben,
    es ist schön von euch zu hören und zu erfahren wie Gott seinen treuen Kinder alles gibt was sie brauchen.
    Könnt ihr mir eure Spendendaten geben?
    Euch eine segensreiche Zeit und danke für euren Dienst.
    Liebe Grüße
    Martina Laister

  3. Der HERR führt zu JEDER Zeit und egal wie die Umstände sind am Ende ist die Liebe das ausschlaggebende. Be blessed

  4. Liebe Nina, lieber Christoph,
    ich wünsche euch alles Gute und guten Start . Eure Geschichte ist sehr ermutigend.
    Liebe Grüße und Gottes Segen
    auch an die Kinder

  5. Liebe Hochenburgers, schön von euch zu hören. Ich habe euch schon in Eferding vermisst. Alles Gute, Gottes Segen und Führung weiterhin!

  6. So, will you be back in N. Carolina, or Florida? I’m going to be in Baltimore with my oldest daughter, Abby’s family, nannying and helping the boys do online school, probably until January. I went last week but was back in Ionia area this weekend as my Mom went to heaven last Saturday, and the funeral was in my hometown, outside her church. It was a perfect day weatherwise, I shared for the family, and her Pastor did a very good job of sharing the gospel with grace. Stay in touch! Maybe I could still travel south to connect at some point! Blessings!

  7. We are so happy to hear about your progress! We love you and are praying for you.

  8. Liebe Familie Hochenburger
    Ich freue mich mit euch, wie der HERR euch führt. Der HERR segne und stärke euch für die kommenden Herausforderungen.
    Im Gebet mit euch!

    Elisabeth Baumgartner