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Next Steps:

We have often talked about that one of the things we have to learn is flexibility. Apparently, we still need to practice, as the plans have changed again. We thought that in June our plane would arrive in Honduras and we could start our work in Rus Rus. Unfortunately, however, a defect was found on one of the wings, which must be repaired first. If everything goes well, our plane should arrive in August.

In the north of Honduras, in Balfate, there is a mission hospital with 29 beds, 2 operating rooms and an ambulance: “Loma de Luz”. We will be there from the beginning of July until our aircraft is ready. Nina will work there with a team of doctors, nurses and midwives. We look forward to establishing valuable relationships for our future work and getting a better insight into tropical medicine.


What concerns us:

looking for food

In addition to shortness of water, electricity failures, chaotic traffic conditions, overcrowded markets and uncontrollable animals on the streets, one thing above all bothers us: poverty.
People here struggle every day with things that we take for granted. They can’t even afford basic medical care. People with severe disabilities after accidents at work are homeless on the street, if someone looses an eye or all of their teeth, nobody cares. Children here suffer from actually preventable diseases. Many do not have access to clean drinking water. Families with many children without a father live without provision, even the youngest have to go begging on the street. Our neighbors, with whom we have good contact, live in a small home without a refrigerator or warm water. Metal roof huts with clay floors on the roadside, half-naked children playing right next to the road, are quite normal here. On the garbage days, people come to search through the maggot-infested garbage. In the rural areas we feel particularly sorry for the children: many of them have black, carious teeth, do not go to school and therefore have no hope for a better life. We help where we can, try to establish relationships and invest time to understand needs and give hope. It is heartbreaking and leads us all to deep gratitude and satisfaction with what we have.



Siguatepeque is the small town where we lived for the first few months and here we felt pretty safe. Of course, we were mindful of our surroundings, always taking different routes and changing our routines. Still, we were challenged again and again. Shortly after our arrival, we were standing in line at a shop on a very busy street when a man next to us was dragged into a passing car by two men and kidnapped. Another time we were walking around town when we heard a bang across the street. At first we thought its bursted tire or fireworks. But when the banging continued, we saw that someone was shot on the other side of the road. Poverty often leads to hopelessness and thus also to violence. Unfortunately, the victim did not survive the attack.



During our time in Siguatepeque we attended a small christian church. We made many new friends and will miss the community.


Prayer request:

  • In the next few days we will hopefully move the last time before Rus Rus: to the mission hospital. We’re tired from packing, we don’t have much, but everything has to fit on our pickup. We ask God for protection for the move.
  • On Monday afternoon we learned that our residence permit is ready and that we have to go to the capital (Tegucigalpa) this Friday. Administrative steps here take hours or days and are very nerve-racking. We ask God for a quick and uncomplicated resolution.
  • We continue to ask for supernatural protection against tropical diseases and that we can give glory to God and help others with our lifes.

After a long preparation period for Honduras, we have noticed in the last few weeks how sad, but at the same time good it is to see the needs on site and to be able to help directly. The gratitude of the people makes our hearts rejoice and makes it easier for us to endure many things.

We look forward hearing from you.


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  1. Hey Christoph und Nina!
    Wow es ist unglaublich, wie groß die Not und Armut ist. Für mich ist es teilweise unvorstellbar. Danke von ganzem Herzen, dass ihr gegangen seid – ich bete für euch! Ich lese eure Berichte immer gespannt!

    Lg aus Eberstalzell

  2. So good to hear from you all. Sorry for all the trials and troubles, but we know God has a plan. Praying for you all daily. Asking God to keep you safe so you can do His mission work.

    Your Brother and Sister in Christ
    Dan and Rebecca Ingle – Mt Zion Baptist Church -Liberty, NC

  3. Liebe Nina und Chrisi, vielen Dank für diese bildhaften Einblicke in euer Leben. Oh wie traurig, an jedes dieser Kinder zu denken, die so wenig Hoffnung haben. Danke für Euren Liebesdienst an diesen Menschen. Danke für die geteilten Gebetsanliegen, und die schönen Fotos. Ihr seid eine wunderbare Familie.
    Der Friede unseres Herrn, und Seine schützende Gegenwart umgeben euch jede Sekunde! Ganz gutes Gelingen beim Umzug. Im Gebet bei euch, Dani

  4. Hallo liebe Geschwister,
    Danke für den Bericht eurer herausfordernden Arbeit. Nur wer vor Ort ist hat den ganzen Einblick von Not, Gewalt und scheinbar hoffnungsloser Zukunft.
    Gott sieht euer Herz und Wollen. So wird er Schutz , Gelingen und Segen schenken.
    Ich denke gerade an Daniel in der Löwengrube.
    Menschlich gesehen ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit zu überleben, aber Gott hat Gewalt über Himmel und Erde.
    So seid gewiss dass ER bei euch ist am Tag und in der Nacht.
    Herzlichste Arbeitsgrüße aus dem Botanischen Garten wo ich grad meinen Sonntag verbringe.


  5. Liebe Familie!
    Im gestrigen Bibelkreis in Saxen betrachteten wir Apg.16. Da ist uns etwas wieder sehr gross geworden: der Name Jesus (V.18). In diesem Namen erleben wir Sieg. Dieser Name bedeutet Bewahrung. Diesen Namen JESUS wollen wir über Euch als Familie ausrufen. Es gibt niemand Grösseren und auch keinen andern Retter als Jesus. ER segne und behüte Euch. Im Gebet mit Euch verbunden, grüssen ganz herzlich
    Peter und Margit

  6. Lieber Christoph, liebe Nina!
    Liebe Grüße aus Enns! Wir werden am kommenden Sonntag der Gemeinde von euch berichten und für euch beten. Bitte seid weiterhin achtsam! Viel Kraft und Geduld im HERRN!

  7. HERR, Du schenkst mir Kraft, bevor ich zerbreche und gibst mir Mut, bevor ich verzweifle.