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God can only fill empty hands

“Great and good cities that you did not build, houses full of all good things that you did not fill, cisterns that you did not dig, vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant, and when you eat and are full, then don’t forget the Lord”
Deuteronomy 6:10-12

A long time ago, God provided his people with everything they needed. When we read these verses, we find ourselves in a similar situation: we don’t have much, but we lack nothing. God sometimes provides for us in supernatural ways. We are grateful and do not want to forget, everything comes from him.

A lot has happened since we moved from Michigan to North Carolina 5 months ago. Christoph was able to gain valuable pilot and mechanic experience in the air and in the hangar and successfully completed the last exams to become an American commercial pilot a week ago. Now we fulfil all requirements for MAG, our mission organisation and we were accepted as staff.

MAG is currently preparing a new base with runway, hangar and houses in Central Honduras, from where the whole country can be reached. We will work with 3 other families to provide help and hope by air to people in remote areas.

In the next few months, several teams will travel to the base in Guaimaca to renovate the old houses and make them habitable. Before being deployed, Christoph and the other pilots will complete a standardisation in the Cessna 206, the aircraft flown in the area of operation.

Nina is busy educating and schooling our children and will participate in a tropical medicine course and a paediatric emergency course in preparation for Honduras, in the next few weeks when we are in Austria.

We are happy that our preparation phase is slowly coming to an end and we soon can start serving in Honduras. In recent years we have given our time and most of our money to prepare for the service in a developing country. Our own funds are nearly used up and we are currently receiving around 30% of our required support. We are thankful for all our loyal supporters. If you would like be part of the ministry and you have the heart to support us financially, we are very grateful.

God’s blessing,

Family Hochenburger

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