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Goodbye and Hello

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
Matthew 6:34

Our goal was to finish everything in Florida and come to our new temporary home in Michigan, to enjoy some time as a family. – At least that was our plan.
But lets start from the beginning: in Florida it was a bit more complicated than expected and Christoph could not convert all licenses in the given time. In 5 weeks flying, studying and writing exams, he has now converted his private pilot and instrument rating to American ones. Now we have to carry the commercial pilot exam in our backpack (a few flights and a practical exam still need to be done). We’ll see how easy that will be besides the mechanic training.
After about 17 hours of driving with an overnight stay at friends in North Carolina, we reached our destination, Ionia County Airport. The first impression of our accommodation was a shock. Everything was dirty and broken. The so called shak was recommended to be perfect for us. Finally we decided to stay in the hut and to renovate even if we don’t stay too long. After about 2 weeks of repairing and cleaning, we now have a really lovely little place to stay right at the airport.
Often we’ve asked ourselves why we decided to leave our beautiful home in Austria and chose this stressful US trip and those uncertainties. But it is not an adventure or that it is more beautiful elsewhere. We are here to prepare for our mission in a Third World country. It’s about helping people under worse conditions while sharing the gospel of Christ.

Thanks for your interest,

Christoph, Nina & Kids

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