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Gracias a Dios

“Gracias a Dios” means “Thank God” in Spanish and is also the name of the region in eastern Honduras where we will soon be working.

About 1 month ago we finished our last preparations in the USA: Christoph successfully completed his last flight training in a Cessna 206 and we said goodbye to many dear friends. Moving to Honduras certainly required the most preparations of all of our 10 moves so far: water filters, medication, mosquito protection, survival equipment, etc. We just want to be as well equipped as possible for a life in the bush.

Sadly, three days before we left, we found out that our baby had died in the 17th week of pregnancy and Nina still had to undergo a procedure shortly before leaving. We are sad and disappointed, but at the same time we also know where our baby is now and we find comfort in God.

We have been in Siguatepeque, Honduras now for 3 weeks. In the first 3 months we live a little more centrally in order to be able to take care of all official affairs to obtain our residence permit. At the same time, we attend an intensive Spanish course in order to be able to reach people in their heart language. We plan to move to Rus Rus towards the middle of the year.

The impressions of Honduras take us back 10 years to the time we were in Central America. The streets here are full of trash, and some of it is burned in large quantities on the highways. Things are chaotic at the market, street vendors present their fruits and vegetables but also meat and fish in the heat. Traffic lights and signs seem optional for some people, in reality everything is allowed. The most dangerous are speeding motorbikes from behind and right overtaking. We gradually get used to the traffic including children on motorbikes without helmets, but also dogs, cows and horses in the middle of the street. The daily routines take much longer than in Europe / America: chlorine soaking of fruits and vegetables, filling the water filter several times a day, washing clothes… Since we are in the dry season now, water is a rarity here and is rationed. At the moment we have water from the city 1-2 times a week. In between, a tanker truck supplies us with sometimes brown, sandy water. This can be exhausting, but we learn to get by with less and are amazed how clean you feel after a shower with 3 cups of dirty water. There is also not really a “quick”, everything takes longer and if you want more than just groceries, it usually involves a longer search. But since this week we have a small vacuum cleaner.

We are grateful to God every day, for his provision and his preservation in all things. Since we are here, we had several medically alarming conditions with our children. The medical care and the hygienic standard are far from those in Europe and America, which concerns us. But we trust in God.

We are becoming more and more aware of how protected and easy our life in Austria had been, and it cannot be taken for granted.

    Please pray with us for:

  • Supernatural protection against tropical diseases, violence, other dangers
  • Good collaboration and life in our team
  • A safe move to the remote village of Rus Rus, in Gracias a Dios
  • That we can help many people and reach them for God

Thank you and “Dios les bendiga” (God bless you!)


Your Hochenburger family

Christoph, Nina, Tobias, Elia, Aaron und Elise

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  1. Die Hochis in Honduras, lange hats gedauert, und ich freu mich das ihr fast am Ziel seid!
    Freue mich schon wieder auf ein Wiedersehen/hören. Nur einer kann dies alles so führen wie es bei euch der Fall war/ist. Wir lieben euch!

  2. Seid getrost und unverzagt, fürchtet euch nicht und lasst euch nicht vor ihnen grauen; denn der HERR, dein Gott, wird selber mit dir ziehen und wird die Hand nicht abtun und dich nicht verlassen.
    5 Mose 31:6

  3. Gottes Segen euch Allen.
    Bete jeden Tag für euch zu unserem Herrn Jesus, um Bewahrung und Schutz.

    Eine traumhafte Homepage.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Hallo ihr Lieben
    Nina wie geht es dir.
    Wünsche euch Trost und Frieden.
    Es ist für mich gar nicht vorstellbar so zu leben und zu reisen , ihr seid von Gott Berufene. Das habe ich schon gesehen wie ihr in der Freikirche Traun ward.
    Rüstet euch jeden Tag
    Im Gebet verbunden
    Wir werden auch in der gebetsstunde für euch beten
    Alles Liebe

  5. Wir denken immer wieder an euch.
    Liebe Grüße aus Innsbruck

  6. Hallo, danke für den Rundbrief, es ist eine großartige Arbeit der ihr euch stellt. Um Menschen zu erreichen muss man dort leben wo sie sind. Ich muss ehrlich gestehen ich wäre nicht so mutig.
    Ja, hier in Linz hat man alles und weit mehr als man wirklich benötigt.
    Ich bete für euren Schutz, Bewahrung, Gesundheit und täglichem Vertrauen auf Gott.
    Seid umarmt.