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It’s time – Honduras

Another season comes to an end. After an intensive time in the USA full of trainings and final preparations, we are getting closer to our goal. Our flights to Honduras are booked and we have already started packing our first suitcases.


Christoph is currently going through his standardization with the aircraft that we will use in Honduras. He trains special conditions, such as landing on short grass runways, airdrops and more.

Our aircraft (Cessna 206) was recently overhauled with a new engine and new instruments. After major modifications, it is important to look for any defects during the next flights. For example, we noticed a strange behavior using the autopilot. When we carried out further tests on the ground, a cable got stuck and blocked the ailerons, something that could have had serious consequences in flight. As soon as the flight training is completed, we will conduct a major inspection.


We also had an intensive time of teambuilding with the other two families. We learned about cultural differences and the associated potential for conflicts, Nina gave us a good overview of tropical diseases and we had a safety training in which we learned how to deal with dangerous situations. It was also very interesting to learn more about the development of our children in foreign cultures.

Honduras hurricane relief

After the devastation caused by the two hurricanes, MAG was able to carry out several aid deliveries in cooperation with partner organizations. In addition to food, water filters and mattresses were distributed.

Aid supplies

Together with the children we also attended some “Feed the hunger” events, where we and others packed several thousand food packages for developing countries. “Feed the hunger” was one of the organizations that provided food for Honduras.


Tobias, Elia and Elise had their birthdays in November / December and we were able to celebrate together with the children of our team, that was fun.

We are happy to announce that we are expecting again in the beginning of August and are curious whether Elise or the boys will get reinforcement.


    We are grateful for:

  • our loyal supporters
  • our new family member
    Please pray for:

  • our trip to Honduras (despite COVID)
  • protection against tropical diseases
  • good medical care for childbirth

We were able to contact most of you personally to thank you for your support, for some we unfortunately could not find any contact details. Many thanks to everyone for your loyal support!

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  1. Ich staune und bin dankbar Euch zu kennen! Gott setzt Menschen für kleine Aufgaben (mich) und für große Aufgaben (Euch) ein. Es ist ihm nichts zu gering aber auch nichts zu groß, darum gebe ich Euch ein Wort weiter ann das ich mich immer wieder klammere: Befiehl dem Herrn deine (Eure) Wege und Vertraue auf IHN so wird ER handeln. Psalm 37/5 Ich wünsche Euch dass Ihr Sein Handeln immer und immer spürt und erfährt. Gottes Segen Otto

  2. So glad to hear that plans are coming to fruition. Also, excited about the new Hochenburger to be! Hope Nina is feeling well. I returned to Ionia yesterday after helping in Maryland for most of 5 months. Hopefully, that has been enough support to get them through the worst of the “storm”. Trusting God to continue to work through you and our fellow believers.

  3. We will miss all of you so much. Be safe and keep in touch. Thank you for the work you do and may you be kept under God’s hedge of protection. We will continue praying for all of you, Mt. Zion loves you and you are part of our family.
    God be with you always.

  4. Lieber Christoph, Nina und Kinder,
    Wünsche euch Gottes Schutz und seinen Segen und viel Weisheit und Freude in eurem Dienst.
    Ihr seid schon eine besondere Familie.
    Bitte um eure Kontodaten.
    Alles Liebe Susanne
    Sprüche 3; 5 und 6

  5. Lieber Christoph, liebe Nina,
    danke für euren Newsletter, dadurch wurde ich wieder an euch erinnert. (zuletzt trafen wir uns bei der Bus Haltestelle in Linz, da ich auch im KUK arbeite)
    Wir wünschen euch viel Segen und Bewahrung bei den Veränderungen in der Familie und dass ihr ein Segen für andere seid, bei euren neuen Herausforderungen.
    LG Hannes und Gabi Bauer