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Spring 2022

Dear friend!

It’s been a long time since the last newsletter, we’re sorry about the delay. Our internet connection is via a Nicaraguan mobile network, which has not been working well the past few months. At the moment we are in civilization, where we have a good connection.

During the first months in Rus Rus, Christoph and the team worked on many maintenance projects. The hospital guest rooms have been repaired to accommodate teams, power poles have been replaced, generators have been serviced and our own house was made livable.

For about 3 months we had a motivated helper from Germany visiting us.

We are grateful that we can explore God’s word with around 30 local children in Sunday school, we have a weekly men’s and women’s Bible group and a biweekly village cinema. It is a blessing for us to build and maintain relationships with the local Misquito.

In the hospital, 2 Honduran nurses attend a few patients every day. If more than basic care is needed, we can evacuate patients by land or air.

A highlight in the hospital was the delivery of a baby, transportation would have been too late. It was wonderful to be able to welcome a healthy baby in such a remote place and in the most basic of conditions. We generally try to transport/send pregnant women away a few weeks before the due date.

One of Christoph’s emergency flights was a man suffering from internal bleeding from a ruptured liver after being kicked in the chest by a horse. Due to the remote location, he arrived in the evening 8 days after the accident. We were able to take him to a clinic in Ahuas the next day, where he immediately received a life-saving surgery.

In March, we hosted a team of doctors at the Rus Rus Hospital for a week. General practitioners, dentists, nurses and medication gave many people in the area the chance to get medical care.

During this brigade, many PAP smears were done, a routine examination that we take for granted, but which is normally almost impossible for most women in La Mosquitia. 3 women were positive and are now receiving appropriate follow-up treatment. In cooperation with the “Loma de Luz” hospital and thanks to your support, we were able to provide surgical treatment to another patient with a very advanced thyroid disease.

Nina is busy every day with homeschooling, the vegetable garden, chickens, housekeeping and various needs of the local women. Often strangers are standing in front of our door looking for medical help. She is also responsible for the hospital pharmacy.

We will be traveling back to Austria for furlough in early June and are happy to announce that we are expecting a new family member in the beginning of August.

Attached you find a video of our kids sharing about their life in Rus Rus.

Hochenburger family

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  1. As always, we enjoyed this update! We’re praying for you, Hochenburgers!

  2. Ganz herzlichen Dank für euer Video! Ich möcht`s in der Kinderstunde abspielen!
    Es ist genial um zu erklären, was ein Missionar so alles macht und wie`s den Kindern dabei geht!
    Seid gesegnet von unserm Herrn! Für die Heimreise alles Gute und

  3. God Bless all of you and the work you are doing in Rus Rus. Love seeing the children and congratulations on your up coming birth. Praying God blesses you with a healthy baby and continues to bless your missionary work.
    Love in Christ,
    Sharon Cox
    Member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

  4. Thank SO much for this update, Hochenburger Family. I especially loved the video, hearing from the kids, and “seeing” where you are living. Blessings to you guys! Though we’ve only met once, we feel like we know you because we are good friends with your parents (*smile*)