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Spring in Michigan

“When did you last thank God for not showing you the future? Think about the things you did not have to worry about, because you did not know that they would happen.”

Dear friend!

When did you last thank God for not telling you the future? Think about the things you did not have to worry about, because you did not know that they would happen.

That’s a strange, new thought. Usually we thank God for things that have happened, not for something that has not happened. But it is true. We often wonder if we would have done it all, if we had known in advance what would happen.

Our life here in Michigan is intense, but the family is fine. Today Christoph was able to complete the 2nd state examination (airframe) and is now in the last section (powerplant). He works with his colleagues on several projects, such as to newly cover a fabric airframe, to reconstruct a broken helicopter tail, etc. To get back into the cockpit routine and gain more experience, Christoph has flight training 1-2 times/week.

For Nina and the 4 kids the beginning of spring is a great relief. They are outdoors for several hours every day and learn a lot together in their homeschool lessons. The most beautiful thing in the morning is, when everyone sits together on the couch to explore God and his creation in books. In the weekly homeschooling group, at Tae Kwon Do and the children’s meeting in the church, the kids can play together with their friends.

We try to use the good location of our house directly at the airport and have students or teachers for lunch every week. A lot of people are asking us about our 4 kids, we often come into conversations with strangers when shopping and the question why we are in Michigan, always leads to the same topic: Our heart is burning for Jesus.

Through intercultural training with a former missionary couple, we are preparing for working with another foreign culture. It is important to know how conflicts often arise only through cultural differences.

Our desire, to help poor people in remote areas through physical help and the gospel, remains the same. We still want to serve in Central America. God has given us some faithful people to help us along this path. Our preparation and later work is financed by donations and our own resources, we would be thankful if you also support our ministry and thereby make it possible.

Thank you for your prayers, financial gifts or encouraging words.

Family Hochenburger

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  1. Hallo ihr Lieben

    Der Apostel Paulus erinnert uns daran: „Unser Kampf ist nicht gegen Fleisch und Blut, sondern gegen die Herrscher, gegen die Autoritäten, gegen die Mächte dieser dunklen Welt und gegen die geistigen Kräfte des Bösen in den himmlischen Gefilden.“ (Epheser 6:12.) . Wenn wir im geistlichen Kampf unsere Autorität in Christus nicht ausüben, werden wir in unseren Diensten keine dauerhaften Früchte sehen.

    In Jesus verbunden

  2. Hey you two , wait , you had a lot more kids since I knew you 🙂
    Watch out, you may soon catch up to us!!
    It is fun to read your infos and news, thanks for including us!
    It’s FUNNY to me that you are in my side of the world and enjoying America! Good for you guys!
    It would be great to see you all again and to meet your kids one day…
    We have our newsletter this time written per POST so if you could, could you please send me your POST address there in Michigan?
    How long are you all there for?
    We are moving this summer!! (Just across the street 🙂 But still, maybe one day you’ll come back to Germany area and visit us…in our new home 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing from you all,
    Beth Kley

  3. Hallo liebe hochis!

    Vor wenigen Tagen bin ich auf euren Blog gestoßen und muss ihn mir immer wieder mal ansehen. Beim Lesen eurer Texte ertappe ich mich immer wieder dabei wie in mir so ein träumerisches Gefühl entsteht als würde ich einen Roman lesen oder vor einer TV Schnulze sitzen. Sieh ich mir eure Fotos an so begreife ich erst “he die Menschen kennst du doch” das ist pure reality! Ich finde es großartig dass ihr eurem Herzen und Glauben folgt. Vorallem habe ich großen Respekt davor, dass ihr all die Hürden auf euch nehmt und nebenbei eine riesige Verantwortung für eure 4 wunderbaren Kinder ja auch nebenbei noch trägt. Beruhigend sind vorallem für mich die Zeilen wie ihr schreibt, dass mittlerweile Alltag für euch eingekehrt ist und ihr euch wohl fühlt. Schön euch gut aufgehoben zu wissen auch wenn wir euch in Perg vermissen.

    Macht weiter so – toll dass es Menschen wir euch gibt. Genießt eure Zeit!!!

    Worte von Jonathan: he die Jungs haben ja tolle Räder! Voll cool.
    Auch Jonathan ist sehr begeistert von eurem Blog und sieht sich gerne die Fotos von den Kindern an.

    Alles Liebe

  4. Viele Grüße aus Österreich. Wir beten für euch 😉

  5. Hallo Ihr Lieben
    in Psalm 103/19 steht
    “Der Herr hat den Himmel zu seinem Thron gemacht, von dort herrscht er über alles.”

    Wir denken und beten jeden Tag für Euch