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Trust God in your tomorrow

Be thankful for today and trust God in your tomorrow

We’ve hoped to be back in the US already by now, for the final preparations for our Honduras mission. Initially the media was reporting about a disease in the distance and suddenly it became reality for us and it completely changed all plans. Our calendar was filled with travel ministries and suddenly everything was canceled. Then the US imposed a travel ban for Europeans and Hondurans are not allowed to leave their homes.

From this point of view, it is probably the best for us to be in Austria, but it is not easy to deal with this situation. How long will it take, what are we doing in the meantime? In our travel ministry we talked about what we’ve learned on our path with God: trust, patience, obedience and flexibility. We have seen our plans changed at short notice many times, now we’re trying to make the best out of it. We can trust in God, nothing is hidden from him and he knows what will come.

We decided that Nina will apply for a job in the hospital, in order to make good use of our prolonged time in Austria and gain more clinical experience. We are still waiting for an answer. Our goal remains the same, although a little delayed. We want to continue as soon as it is possible when we have permission to do so.

We were very happy about the many meetings in Austria over the past few months, and we had many encouraging conversations. Thank you for your prayers and support. We are grateful for everyone who continues to pray and support us so that we can start our planned work in Honduras as soon as possible. We currently have about 30% of our needed funds.

We hope to be able to report back to you soon with good news.


Your Hochenburger family

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